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Congratulations,you have been chosen to be a part of the LIVE Mariana Complex. Welcome to your new home.

As the chairman ofLIVE, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the 22nd century. The date is October 11, 2187, and it’s been nearly 170 years since your request to be cryogenically frozen.

Please stay calm. Your inability to move is completely normal. 

Life as you know has changed dramatically. The revolutionary technology developed by my company has liberated mankind from physical death. This was achieved by transferring an individual’s mind to a secure hard drive, or as I like to call it, a “BrainCore.” Currently 99.9% of the human population relies on our technology.

Believe me when I say that LIVE has turned Earth into a utopia. The problems that once plagued mankind are no longer a concern. Our technology has resolved many issues of the past, such as racism, bodily illnesses, world hunger, a shortage of freshwater, and wars of all kind.

Shedding our biological bodies in exchange for digital minds gave everyone equality and eliminated our dependence on sustenance. In this new chapter of humanity, people’s minds became free from the bondage of time and hate. As the space between countries were occupied with safe housings for Brain Cores, borders were rendered useless and led to the collapse of nationality. Earth was united and was made to embrace a new digital age. This gave humans no reason to wage war, and peace fell upon Earth in a few decades. Today, the only thing that matters is the intellectual value of the individual and the action that one takes.

Sounds like aperfect world, right?

We believed it was in your best interest to initiate you into this perfect world by making the decision to transfer you into a Brain Core. The device that you currently inhabit is the best in the industry and is built to last forever.

The LIVE Mariana Complex places fifty unique homes in the most exclusive part of the Trench, and your property is one of those very best designs. Your new home is situated in the deepest sector of the Mariana Trench and is designed to be impervious to intrusion. You might be alarmed to hear that you’ve been moved to a place that is extremely segregated from civilization. But in fact, this location is the most sought after property on Earth. Because these homes belong to the top members of LIVE, it holds our utmost attention.

Without further ado, let me now introduce you to your new home. It consists of four different components: Android Hub, Brain Core, Hydro Electric Generator, and Auto Stabilizer.

You are currently sitting at the Android Hub, where you can pilot our custom-made android. Your new body will act as a medium to help physically maintain your House. Placed above the Hub is the Brain Core, which is the single most important element.Today’s Brain Core is the fifth version of its kind, as it has admittedly taken several trials to be perfected. Your very essence is stored here so please handle with care. The Hydro Electric Generator and the Auto Stabilizer are located at the exterior of the house and is controlled autonomously by our system. For your safety, these two components cannot be controlled and are strictly regulated by the central control system of the entire LIVE Mariana Complex.

Everything outside your house is controlled by our perfect system to guarantee the safety of the entire community. Rest assured, our system will actively control all the Auto Stabilizers to thwart the risk of collisions and damages. On top of all the benefits, all electricity will be generated in perpetuity, so that we won’t slow your active life down. All you need to focus on is living!

As part of the LIVE Mariana Complex package, we have set up an Android Hub Housing at the last city you resided in. We also took the liberty to reconstruct the house according to your memory to make you feel at home. You can access this location after this briefing.

Information is the only thing you need to be careful with. We do not encourage any action that compromises the safety and the location of your Brain Core. Losing control of your Brain Core and having your data compromised is equivalent to death.Although the defense system of the LIVE Mariana Complex is impenetrable, you should always exercise caution when interacting in the city.

With the migration of the mind, the real estate market went through a significant change. Cities previously thought to be valuable — New York, Tokyo, Paris — are now where the underprivileged store their mind. Security means everything in the 22nd century. If the location can be easily accessed, it is considered undesirable.The more isolated a place is, the more valuable it becomes. At 11,000 meters below the ocean surface, you can be assured that the LIVE Mariana Complex is the most secure place where you can build your new life.

Though cities have changed in value, they still remain very active. Even though people want to live in segregated areas, they still interact within the city through our Android Hub system. This led to a change in the city’s form and function. With most of the work now done by artificial intelligence, all the office space that once filled skyscrapers have become obsolete. These vacant spaces were repurposed as Android Hub Housing for the people. On top of these existing skyscrapers, we built magnificent steel structures that contain the general population’s Brain Cores. These elegant forms were designed to resemble a hive and are protected around the clock by a mechanical defense system. It is considered quite safe in the traditional sense of security.

At the lower floors, you can find places of commerce and interaction. Consumerism still has a place in society, and it is the driving force for the creative community. People today strive to find new creative solutions that artificial intelligence isn’t capable of conceiving. Outside-the-box thinking is still necessary in a world that celebrates science.

There are no more fruitless issues to bicker about. The world now stands united in making this revolutionary way of life more efficient. Currently the brightest minds are focused on figuring out how to seamlessly assimilate the remaining 0.1% into our perfect system. After all, everyone deserves a life in paradise.

At LIVE, we invite every individual to participate in making the world a better place. You are very important to us, and we believe you can offer a unique view by emulating your past experiences. From the safety of your new home, you can be anywhere and do anything. Let your imagination run wild, and make progress for mankind. LIVE will be your eternal partner to make sure you achieve a bigger success than the last.

You can now turn your attention away from this screen. You may begin your renewed life.




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