About Us

UNITless was found in 2011 with a conviction to bring conceptual ideas in the architectural forefront to life. Great ideas are often formed and discussed within the design community, but the vast majority never sees the light of day. At UNITless we reconfigure these exciting concepts to tailor fit our clients to improve their daily living, while providing the most cutting edge design.

유닛레스는 2011년도에 설립되어 창의적인 건축 아이디어를 실현하기 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 현재, 창의적이고 좋은 디자인들이 건축에서 많이 거론되고는 있으나 그중 대다수가 현실화 과정에서 좌절되어 빛을 발하지 못하는 실정입니다. 유닛레스는 클라이언트와의 심도있는 커뮤니케이션을 통해 참신하고 흥미로운 디자인이 나올 수 있도록 최선의 노력을 다하겠습니다.

The Team

Alvin Shim


-B.Arch from USC
-MsAAD from Columbia Uni.

CJ Park


-B.Arch from Chung-ang Uni.
-M.ARCH from Columbia Uni.

Seunghwan Choi


-B.Arch from Chung-ang Uni.
-Team Leader



-B.Arch from R.U.F.A. Uni.
-M.Arch from Kyung-pook Uni.


At UNITless we provide a comprehensive design service that caters to the need of any industry. The company specializes in design development and construction document.

If one were to bring a project to UNITless, we will provide an initial design, free-of-charge to demonstrate what can be achieved working with our team. Once the contract is signed, the design will be further developed until it is approved. After the design is complete, the project will enter the construction document stage. The construction document will be usable by any construction team around the world. If the client wishes, UNITless will introduce an outstanding construction team that has proven themselves in prior projects.

UNITless is the one-stop solution to help you materialize your design vision.

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