C House Renovation

Masses within a Pavilion

The C House Renovation began with a demand from a client to create a continuous open space with a minimalist design. To accommodate the requirement, the project had to utilize materials sparingly and create a condition where all the public spaces could converge into one another. To do this we decided to make the public space into an open pavilion and create boxes containing private spaces. To make the boxes unique, the mass was designed to be of different material and to pierce the surrounding space vertically. To simulate the notion of the mass piercing the open pavilion, a special amount of attention was paid to the way in which the surfaces of the house met each other.

C주택의 클라이언트는 연속적인 오픈스페이스가 동시에 미니멀하게 디자인 되길 원했습니다. 유닛레스는 “파빌리온(공간) 안의 매스(덩어리)”라는 컨셉으로 프로젝트를 진행하였습니다. 공적인 공간은 열린 파빌리온이 되고 사적인 공간들이 이를 수직적으로 나누는 각각의 객체가 되었습니다. 이를 통해 전체적으로 열린 공용 공간을 박스형태로 조성하면서 사적인 공간들이 그 안에 속할 수 있도록 계획했습니다. 이 느낌을 구현하기 위해 열린 대공간을 각각의 객체들이 수직적으로 나누고 있다는 것에 초점을 맞추어 디자인을 진행했습니다. 

Entry Sequence and Living Room

Majority of the walls that existed in the apartment had to be torn down to create a passageway to an amazing view of the city. Since the path was designed to have a lower ceiling height, one would feel a sense of compression before entering a wide open living room. The triangle light-well was designed to have the highest ceiling height to emphasize the directionality of the entry sequence.

기존의 평면구조를 전면적으로 재수정하여 거실 진입 동선을 간소화 함과 동시에 천정에 삼각형 우물천정으로 방향성을 주어 거실공간에 접어 들었을때에 탁트인 외부 경관을 만끽할수 있게 하였습니다.

Suspended Aquarium

Before the project even began, the client commissioned the design team to create a one-of-a-kind aquarium system that would become the 'crown jewel' of the project. To meet such a demand, the aquarium was designed to be suspended and to contain over a ton of salt water. To further accentuate the aquarium, the frame was crafted with black stainless steel.

프로젝트의 시작에 앞서 수족관 디자인을 의뢰 한 클라이언트를 위해 1톤 가량의 바닷물을 기둥이 없는 구조로 고정하여 설치하여 진입동선과의 연속성을 더 했습니다.

Space and M Kitchen

Kitchen space being inside one of the 'mass', was designed to be crisp and cold in nature to contrast against its warm wooden envelope. The 'M' kitchen system was selected, and to bring out its elegant profile everything else had to be matte and stark. The large planar lighting was used to provide an even light across the surface of the kitchen, and to help simulate the sensation of an open ceiling.  

하나의 메쓰로써의 주방은 거실공간과의 연속성을 위해 바깥부분은 따뜻한 나무재질로 마감했으며, 내부는 차가운 재질로 마감하여 독립성을 주었습니다. 또 객체만의 독립된 바리솔 천정을 사용하여 객체의 수직적 독립성을 강조하도록 계획했습니다.

Private Spaces

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is laid out in a cross axis surrounded by three concrete masses. The three masses contains: bathroom, dressing room, and a walk-in closet.

The sliding doors were crafted so that when closed, it becomes a single wooden art piece. 

마스터 베드룸은 화장실, 옷방, 그리고 워크인 옷장으로 된 세개의 매스로 둘러 쌓여 있고 이 공간들은 각 방의 개폐 여부에 따라 한 공간이 될 수도 각각의 독립된 공간이 될 수도 있도록 계획했습니다. 

Master Bedroom Bathroom

With every surface being made from a matte concrete texture, the ceiling light stands out and becomes a poetic portal to the space above.

4면을 불투명한 콘크리트로 막고 천정 전체에 바리솔 조명을 배치함으로써 독립적인 객채의 수직성을 강조했습니다.

Guestroom Bathroom

The guestroom bathroom is located at the entrance of the apartment, and is made flush against the wooden surface. The door being frameless, the wooden box's simplicity becomes emphasized.

The interior of the bathroom was kept minimal and bright.

손님용 화장실의 경우 현관 좌측부분의 보이지 않는 문으로의 진입을 통해 또 다른 공간으로 들어가는 듯 한 체험을 할 수 있도록 계획했습니다.

C House Renovation

The renovation project focused on what UNITless does best, to create a unique space that is tailor fitted to the client. Organizing the various materials from all around the world and tailoring it to meet the daily lifestyle of the client required great amount of communication.

At UNITless, we believe that communication is a shortcut to creating the perfect project that both the designer and the client desire.

2015 Nov/Housing/147㎡(44.24py)

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