Ozhean Yangju

Public Core

Using a pivotal island system with the public program at its core, the layout was made to be intuitive and to be guided by the indirect lighting above. Around the periphery, all the private programs were laid out by considering the adjacent program at the core.

Material Choice

The material were selected to be connective, and a lot of attention was paid to the transitional corners. This way the design came out to be fluid, and without a harsh edge.


This project was very budget friendly, and simple design elements were used to maximize the resulting feel of this clinic. With the client's request of making the clinic into a spa like atmosphere, the team concentrated on the material choices and the lighting to create the right vibe.

This was the second project we did for the Ozhean medical brand. The project was much bigger in size and scope, and there were many areas where we were able to design a solution where we can maximize the effect of each individual material.

2018 September/Hospital/330㎡(100py)

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