Ozhean Gangnam

Approachable Parametric

Ozhean Skin Clinic, a medical brand that values an approachable image, came to our office to request a unique look that will naturally draw in the attention from the busy office streets of Gangnam. Being on the first floor of a massive corporate building, it needed to have a luxury hotel vibe to fit into the surrounding condition and at the same time be uniquely 'approachable'. To meet this paradoxical request, UNITless design decided to design a minimalist hospital with a Parametric Ceiling that ties the spaces together.

The parametric ceiling was crafted out of White Birch Plywood to contrast against the darker material palette below. The ceiling was designed to undulate depending on the circulation flow. Higher pedestrian activity resulted in a higher pitched roof, to make the user feel as if their movement is linked to the design.

The circulation of the project was kept simple, and employed an island system. All the program became centered around the information table, to naturally encourage the activity to become efficient. To emphasize this natural flow, we kept the design of the programs minimal to make the guiding ceiling 'pop' out.

Being in a small site, the design had to always be kept in check, to make sure that it didn't overwhelm the users. All efforts were put into make sure that the space embodied the ideals of Ozhean Skin Clinic.

2018 March/Hospital/130㎡(40py)

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