Linus Barbecue HBC

Texas Meets Industrial

Linus Barbecue is a restaurant that took the Western Barbecue culture in Korea to a whole another level. To meet its reputation, the team had to come up with a design that marries traditional elements with the modern trends. The client's interest in the old theater marquee was utilized since it has been the brand's signature in their original shop. The old marquee design was reinterpreted in wood to give a more industrial modern look. Elements like the organ and the stained glass windows were added to give an homage to the brand's aspiration of taking the experience of barbecuing to a religious level.

Old Design Reinterpreted

With the brand identity being strongly linked to the Old American Heritage, the team had to reinterpret the century old elements to meet the modern trends of today. 

The first floor being the Bar, the second floor was designed to be the dining hall for the restaurant. The design was kept minimal and industrial, to accentuate the 'Linus' signature elements.

Having the chance to work on two Linus Barbecue, our team had the chance to revisit the design decisions of the first project and improve upon it. Again, the team worked very closely with the owners of Linus, so that the design could be completely tailor fitted to their uniquely stylish demand.

2017 July/Commercial/150㎡(45py)

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