Suspended Aquarium

This aquarium was designed and built by UNITless for the C House Renovation, to become the center of the project. The aquarium houses over a ton of salt water, and is suspended from the floor to achieve a weightless look. The frame was built entirely out of black stainless steel and was structurally engineered to withstand the weight and the oscillation of the water within. This specially designed aquarium now houses corals and tropical fishes.

Section of the Ocean

This Aquarium that was commissioned was meant to encompass everything that a tropical fish lover would dream of. The aquarium was built to house over 3.5 ton of salt water, and has a massive height over 2 meters. It was also designed to have a 270 degree view of the tank, so one can have a unique perspective of different depth. This system was built in an office space to give all the employees a glimpse of the ocean.

Aquarium Specialist

As a designer of space, aquarium naturally became a great interest of the firm. At UNITless, we specialize in building a one of a kind aquarium system that one cannot find on the open market. We have an in-house structural engineer that assist the design team to achieve many unique physical state of the build, and create an exotic habitat for sea life. If one wants to have the baddest tank, UNITless has the right team to get the job done.

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