Pipe Furniture

In the beginning....

UNITless started the company from creating custom furniture, but quickly began to do interior design due to a high demand. What we believe as an architect is that detail is the key in creating good work. So naturally the team takes great interest in crafting the right furniture in a commissioned space. With UNITless, you can be assured that the furniture will be tailored exactly to suit your space and style.

Plywood Section Centerpiece

This table was a gift made by UNITless to the Vatos family for opening their Headquarter shop with our team. The table was made from white birch plywood, and used mainly the sectional side of the material to create its unique look. The build was executed by piercing the wood panel with a snaking pipe structure.

Wood Section Centerpiece

This centerpiece table was crafted with a concept that a section of the wood is an art in itself. Therefore the team created a pipe frame and placed the slab of wood without attaching it to the structure. The wood was placed in this manner, so that it can naturally distort and split over time under a pristine sheet of glass. 

H- Beam Pipe Centerpiece

Industrial design being a trendy design that is sweeping across South Korea, we wanted to differentiate our table by using a real H-Beam to support the table top. To make it a one of a kind, we punctured the metal surface with a pipe and suspended the wooden top weightlessly. 

Shelving System

The shelving system was custom designed for a restaurant using the pipe system at the bar section. The design was simple, make the pipe look like it emerged from the ground carrying water for the bar. Therefore we attached faucets to the design, to make it look like an active pipe line.

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