Cafe Marron

The Hidden Art Wall

Cafe Marron, is a petit cafe that stands for their belief in family and warmth. Located in an alleyway of a busy street, the owners wanted a design that can create a space where visitors can rest for a minute or two. But being in an alley, the shop needed an element of surprise to intrigue the people to come in. Therefore a dynamic wall installation was designed and crafted at UNITless to draw in the tired passerby of the streets. To express the essence of warmth, white birch plywood was primarily used and was complimented with an ivory pearl backdrop. Simplicity was the governing key behind this project.

주택가 골목길에 위치한 마론 카페는 가족적이고 따뜻한 분위기의 아담한 휴식공간입니다. 유닛레스는 마론카페의 불리한 위치적 요소를 해결하기 위해 지나가는 행인들의 호기심을 자극 할 수 있는 역동적인 가구 디자인을 하기 위해 노력했습니다. 자작나무와 아이보리색 벽 마감으로 따뜻한 느낌을, 그리고 곡선의 미를 살린 천정 구조물로 역동성을 주었습니다. 

Wave Pattern

Despite the site being small, UNITless found it crucial to put a great amount of attention to the build of the café. The wave pattern was extensively modeled in a three dimensional software, and simulated before being fabricated. With the project complete, it was clear that the wave pattern installation was the element that brought the design together cohesively.

천정 구조물은 사전에 3D 시뮬레이션을 통해 방문자들에게 가장 인상 깊을 수 있도록 계획했습니다. 

2012 Sep/Commercial/25.75㎡(8py)

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