Bulldogs Gangnam

Industrial British

As a returning client, the owners of Bulldogs approached UNITless with a project in Gangnam and looked to vastly improve their restaurant build. The first thing that the owners requested was to improve all the quality of the material, and to make their industrial British design more elegant. To meet their demand, the team at UNITless began to look into ‘Victorian Steampunk’ designs. Following the concept, wave like rails were handcrafted and the wine barrels were inserted, to create unique brewery feel. It was also very important that this artistic display was functional, therefore all the taps on the barrels are able to dispense alcoholic beverages.

두번째 강남점 인테리어를 제안 해주신 ‘불독스’의 클라이언트는 좀 더 세련되고 업그레이드 된 영국식 인더스트리얼 디자인을 계획해 줄 것을 요청했습니다. 유닛레스는 ‘빅토리안 스팀펑크’ 디자인에 주목했습니다. 주문제작 한 철재 레일과 와인베럴들을 디자인 요소로 사용하면서 실제로 베럴에서 음료가 나오도록 제작하여 장식적이면서도 기능을 동시에 충족할 수 있는 디자인으로 계획했습니다. 

Functional Aesthetic

With all the design becoming more elegant and refined, the designers at UNITless believed it was crucial that the aesthetic element was also functional. UNITless being an architecture firm practicing interior design, we have always believed that form without function is meaningless.

이번 프로젝트를 진행함으로써 유닛레스는 다시 한번 ‘형태는 기능을 따른다’라는 건축가 루이스 설리반의 말을 한번더 되 새길 수 있었습니다.

2014 Jul/Commercial/197.00㎡(60py)

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