Vatos Sinsa

Industrial Design Revisited

Second project that Vatos commissioned is located in Garosu Road, which is an upscale fashion district in Seoul. The location required the rough industrial design to be more refined and polished for the people that frequently visit the area. To establish this, the design utilized the vast amount of window space while encasing the hall with deconstructing bricks to emphasize the vibe of Vatos. The build being effortless, but professional has always been a key element that makes the establishment feel very ‘hands on’ with everything that they are involved in.

바토스에서 두번째로 의뢰가 들어온 곳은 서울에서 패션으로 부각되고 있는 가로수길에 있었습니다. 이곳은 지역의 특색에 맞게 기존 이태원의 러프한 인더스트리얼 디자인 보다 좀더 다듬어진 깔끔한 인더스트리얼 디자인이 필요했습니다. 이 상황을 고려하여 유닛레스는 마치 유리 파사드가 부서진 건축현장을 감싸고 있는듯한 디자인을 만들었습니다.

Unique Gathering

The concept of juxtaposing the warm element with the cold materials has remained with the design. But due to the belief that all design requires to be unique, the ceiling layout was strictly governed and streamlined to represent the inner workings of a watch. All the electrical lines were placed in a metallic pathway, and the custom pipe chandelier was crafted where all the linings of the ceiling was the busiest. Beneath all of the meticulously laid out electrical and mechanical system, UNITless crafted a centerpiece out of a solid slab of wood. The centerpiece design allows the natural wood slab to distort freely over time, under a sheet of glass.

이태원 본점에서의 컨셉이었던 차가움과 뜨거움의 대치와 조화는 두번째 신사점에도 적용되었습니다. 그러나 모든 디자인은 각각의 독창성이 있어야함을 고려하여 신사점에서는 전등을 포함한 모든 배관들을 디자인 요소로 사용하여 파이프로 제작한 조명을 중심으로 마치 시계안의 부속품들이 하나의 시계를 움직이듯 배열했습니다. 또한 그 아래에 위치한 중앙테이블은 신사점의 전체 컨셉과 동일하게 유리 외관이 러프한 원자재(원목)을 감싸는듯한 모습으로 디자인했습니다.


Designing in an upscale area gave us a unique opportunity to refine a rough industrial design to bully into a neighborhood that capitalizes on style. Being in a fashion district where uniqueness is the most important aspect, it challenged the team to make the establishment effectively stand out. Every detail was analyzed and upgraded, to evolve the restaurant a step further.

2013 Apr/Commercial/257.40㎡(78py)

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